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Bundaberg is home to a trawling and fishing industry that demands reliable, strong, fibreglass products. Local boaties also take to the nearby Lake Monduran, which is a popular fishing location for barramundi and bass.
However as any boatie knows there will always be some damage to a fibreglass hull no matter how well you look after it, and water and fibreglass make a great double act when there are no holes.
The sun's ultraviolet rays can also lead to oxidation of the protective outer-skin of a fibreglass boat (the gel coat) leaving a cloudy, dull or chalky finish. The gel coat is essential as it seals the fibreglass from water, moisture and damaging UV rays.

Leisure Build specialises in

  • Gel coat repairs
  • Re-application of gel coats
  • Fibreglass boat insurance work
  • Fibreglass floor repairs
  • Stringer repairs
  • Fibreglass transom repairs
  • Electronic encapsulating



New Boat for Bundaberg

Bundaberg people love their boats - whether for fishing or just enjoying our beautiful waterways.
However, most boats were built outside the region. Now there is a boat designed and made in Bundaberg, which has many superior safety and design features.
The Leisure Boats Mudskipper 3.8 is the creation of Arne Huysamen from Leisure Build, Bundaberg's premier fibreglass manufacturer.
"I am a keen fisherman and very family orientated so I wanted to build a practical stable and safe fishing boat for all ages - from as young as ten years (with 6Hp motor) up to retirees, having safety in mind" said Arne. "The Mudskipper 3.8 has level flotation which means it is very safe".
Official testing was done by an approved surveyor from the Gold Coast, Arne said. "The boat was physically swamped full of water with its load rating of four people inside and the outboard motor" said Arne "It did not sink or topple over - this means it is very safe, as few boats have level floatation".
The first boat is 3.8 metres long and is of 100% fibreglass construction. There are two storage compartments under the front casting deck, plenty of floor space including two side pockets and rod holders and two rear compartments for live bait tank and storage or two tanks, whichever the owner chooses, including front anchor well.
The boat has many options for the avid fishers. "The rear moulded seat and bait tanks doubles as a rear casting platform" said Arne. "The boat is rated to max 40HP outboard, can take four people (capacity up to 320Kg), has high sides yet good for fishing and is dry riding". Being fibreglass it is easy and cost effective to repair and can be made in several colours. "There are also plenty of options such as navigation lights, anchor lights, live bait tank pump, bilge pump, ski hooks, rod holders plus more" added Arne.
For more information on the Leisure Boats Mudskipper 3.8 contact Arne Huysamen at Leisure Build, Airport Drive, Bundaberg, phone 4155 0861 or email: arne@leisurebuild.net.au
Introductory price: $6500.00
Finance packages available from $42.00 a week!


Jet Skis

Jet skis are ideal for one or two people to have fun on the water. Their manoeuvrability and sheer fun-factor have made them a must for water enthusiasts.
However, often the jet ski's fibreglass hull requires repair work from abrasion to the keel when jet skis are run up onto beaches or riverbanks. Over time this continual and unavoidable abrasion can lead to damage to the fibreglass and Gel Coat. Minor impacts can also crack or damage the hull requiring fibreglass repairs to ensure the jet ski can perform at its peak.
Leisure Build has many years experience repairing damage to jet skis and has its own spray booth to ensure the finished craft looks brand new and is ready to take on the rigours of the often harsh marine environment.
Leisure Build also does insurance work for jet skis and boats with a guarantee of quality workmanship on all fibreglass repairs. We offer speedy turnarounds to ensure you are back out on the water as quickly as possible.

Transom Repairs

The transom is one of the most stressed areas of a boat so it makes sense that any repairs to it are best done by professionals. No one wants to be out on the water and find a home-repair job hasn't gone to plan leaving you, your mates or family at risk in a damaged or leaking boat.
Many older boats have transoms that have a wooden core with fibreglass sprayed over the top. These can, in time, become weak and should be checked for structural integrity.
Even a small hole in the protective fibreglass coating can lead to water damaging the wooden core that provides the strength to the rear of the boat. If left undetected this damage can turn a once strong piece of wood into something more like compost.
If the transom becomes weak or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

How to check for a damaged Transom

Boat owners should regularly check their transom. All it takes is a minute or two and a coin.
  • Tap the fibreglass with a coin at various points across the transom
  • If you hear a dull sound it may indicate the core is no longer solid and has become soft
  • If the tapping sounds solid and sharp rather than dull then the timber is still strong and protected

Stringer repairs

Stringers like the transom provide core strength to a boat and are part of the boat's skeleton running the length of the vessel. Damage to these core components can also undermine a boat's structural integrity.
Leisure Build has been repairing fibreglass stringers and transoms for many years and have the knowledge and experience to ensure the repair work is done correctly and professionally.

Fibreglass Repairs

We can repair or build fibreglass parts for trucks, bikes, boats and cars. We can also match colours of damaged equipment.


Leisure Build specialises in the assembly of fibreglass aircraft and repair of fibreglass composite ultralights.

Boats/Jet Ski repairs

Leisure Build specialises in gel coat repairs, re-application of gel coats, boat insurance work, floor repairs, stringer repairs, transom repairs, and jet ski repairs.

Surf Skis/Paddleboards

See Leisure Build for repairs to your surf skis, surfboards and paddleboards.

Caravan and Motorhome Repairs

Leisure Build your one stop shop for caravan and motorhome repairs, including colour matching for that perfect finish.