Leisure Build Pty Ltd

Ice Boxes

Keeping your food, or catch-of-the-day on ice can sometimes be difficult when catering for large quantities or long camping trips.
Leisure Build's customised commercial cooler boxes take the hassle out of having enough space ensuring you don't need a flotilla of ice boxes for your day's catch. Keeping food and catches of fish chilled properly will help protect you and your friends from potential food poisoning. Finding out your awesome catch has to be thrown because it thawed out hours earlier is no longer a worry with an affordable Leisure Build fibreglass solution.
We will build the right size ice box/cooler chest for whatever your need is, ensuring your food/catch remains chilled for hours on end. They are designed to withstand the hottest summers with amazing insulation properties and great strength.
We custom build for boat, trailer, ute or truck configurations.

Fibreglass Repairs

We can repair or build fibreglass parts for trucks, bikes, boats and cars. We can also match colours of damaged equipment.


Leisure Build specialises in the assembly of fibreglass aircraft and repair of fibreglass composite ultralights.

Boats/Jet Ski repairs

Leisure Build specialises in gel coat repairs, re-application of gel coats, boat insurance work, floor repairs, stringer repairs, transom repairs, and jet ski repairs.

Surf Skis/Paddleboards

See Leisure Build for repairs to your surf skis, surfboards and paddleboards.

Caravan and Motorhome Repairs

Leisure Build your one stop shop for caravan and motorhome repairs, including colour matching for that perfect finish.