Leisure Build Pty Ltd

General Services

Leisure Build is Bundaberg's fibreglass specialist complete with a specialised spray paint booth for all paint repairs to ensure you get that showroom finish.
Our well-trained staff repairs holes, accident damage, and cracks on fibreglass body trucks, utes, or any other composite part of your vehicle. For quality fibreglass repairs bring your truck, small and large, to the fibreglass repair professionals at Leisure Build.
We specialise in structural fibreglass repair and custom gel coat colour matching for projects of all sizes. Leisure Build's team of professionals are highly trained in fibreglass repairs, custom gel coat colour matching and many other structural and cosmetic repair services. Our supply line features gel coat made for specific applications to provide the best refinishing for different outdoor applications.
Leisure build can match colours of damaged equipment to ensure the fibreglass repair or fabricated components fits seamlessly with other parts. We can repair or build fibreglass parts for trucks, bikes, boats and cars.
Leisure Build has the experience, skills and equipment to provide you with quality workmanship for any custom-made fibreglass project.

Electronic encapsulating

Electronics are a key part of modern-day life in almost every industry. Electronic circuit boards are the brains behind the technology we take for granted - up until the day it fails.
Electronic encapsulating is a protective method designed to seal sensitive electronic components from moisture, chemicals or corrosive matter such as salt water, oils and other chemicals. Protection from these known enemies of electronic circuit boards can ensure a longer life expectancy and performance than unprotected equipment exposed to the elements.
Electronic encapsulating is also used to protect delicate equipment from damage from vibrations.

Fibreglass Repairs

We can repair or build fibreglass parts for trucks, bikes, boats and cars. We can also match colours of damaged equipment.


Leisure Build specialises in the assembly of fibreglass aircraft and repair of fibreglass composite ultralights.

Boats/Jet Ski repairs

Leisure Build specialises in gel coat repairs, re-application of gel coats, boat insurance work, floor repairs, stringer repairs, transom repairs, and jet ski repairs.

Surf Skis/Paddleboards

See Leisure Build for repairs to your surf skis, surfboards and paddleboards.

Caravan and Motorhome Repairs

Leisure Build your one stop shop for caravan and motorhome repairs, including colour matching for that perfect finish.